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Our Services encompass comprehensive installations of church bell systems, clock tower systems, and carillon systems. In addition, we provide expert repair and maintenance services for church bells, tower clocks, and post clocks, ensuring their optimal performance and longevity.

White's Clock and Carillon Northeast Inc. has the ability to transform your visions into reality. Our installations are neat, comprehensive, and executed with professionalism. We're equipped to meet all your needs and preferences. From the beginning to the end, we handle every detail of the project, allowing you to relax and appreciate the final outcome without any concerns.

If you have a system that's fundamentally sound but just requires some attention to become fully operational again, White's Clock and Carillon Northeast Inc. is here to help. We can inspect your system, refurbish it, and update it so you can enjoy its benefits once more. Opting for refurbishment can often be more economical than replacing the entire system. We are committed to providing you with a straightforward recommendation that aligns with your financial plan.

Post clock restoration
We specialize in refurbishing post clocks by stripping away the old paint and applying a fresh coat, replacing the bezel lenses, and fitting an LED light kit. These steps give your post clock an entirely refreshed and modern appearance.

Service Contracts
White's Clock and Carillon Northeast Inc. offers a detailed service contract program that goes beyond simple maintenance to ensure your equipment stays up-to-date. Our annual service contracts, which can be renewed yearly, are designed to eliminate any concerns about downtime. This hassle-free program offers you the peace of mind that your equipment will continue to operate smoothly for years to come.

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