This historical clock tower, built in 1925, is located in Lacona, New York. White's Clocks and Carillon NE is proud to help keep this community lankmark alive, by making sure Lacona's gem is in perfect working order.


800px Lacona clock e

In 1955 John Ben Snow donated a Schulmerich carillon to the Pulaski Baptist Church. The community has enjoyed the sounds of ringing bells ever since. Recently White's Clock and Carillon NE had the privileged of updating their carillon to a modern system. Click here for the article.


pulaski baptist church

The Ogdensburg City Hall clock tower is the pride of the community. Recently the E. Howard Tower Clock movement was brought back to life by White's Clock and Carillon NE. Owner James White gave a labor of love to the community. Click here for article. Provided by Sydney Schaefer

ogdensberg tower

jim oberg tower

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The George Orwell Free Library clock tower in the town of Orwell, New York has been providing the time for the community for decades. White's Clock and Carillon NE is proud to maintain this community's clock tower, and will for generations to come.


orwell library

Homer Congregational Church invited White's Clock and Carillon NE to repair their antique bell dated to 1852. Their churches clocks and bell began functioning once again after nearly 30 years of silence.

homer congregational


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